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Welcome To A & G Computer Solutions

A & G Computer Solutions are here to solve all your computer needs be it a software solution or a hardware solution. We cover all aspects of the computer industry, from repairs and upgrades to software and websites. We provide a wide range of IT Solutions for the home and the business user. We are based in the Burnley area but cover the most of Lancashire.

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We offer a wide range of quality computer solutions at low prices. Full System Sales, Upgrades, New Computer Systems, PC Repairs, PC Upgrades, PC Accessories, Website Design, PC Software Reloads, Webpage Search Engine Optimisation, Full Website Solutions, Networking, Server Installation, VPN Setup, Remote Mapped Drives, General Advice and Tuition.

Computer accessories like printers, scanners, web cameras, joysticks, speakers, mice and keyboards sometimes don't install as easy as the manufacture suggests. If you are struggling to get something working correctly then we can help. We have dealt with most products so we should be able to install your device for you, saving you hours of time and stress.

We even offer FREE ADVICE on anything you might need help on relating to a computer, from mobile phones to printers, scanners and many more so call today. Computers have become an essential part of our life. When they work they save us many hours of work but when they don't they cause us many hours of pain and sometimes lots of money. We offer a cost affective solution to all your computer problems.

If you computer is not performing the way you think it should be then give us a call. Normally over time our computers become slow due to the amount of software we install, you might have filled the hard drive or installed many start up programs. Most of these problems can be fixed using remote support over the internet (your internet needs to work for us to remote control your pc). This can be done within a few hours remotely.

If you are looking for a new computer system we can offer you a custom built pc or advice you on which PC would be best for you. We only sell our own brand of computers they are made by us using top quality hardware components.

We aim to solve your pc problems on the first visit in the first hour. It can take longer depending on the problem but most are fixed on the first visit. A lot of our products and services are free delivery in the Burnley area.

Some companies offering website design often just use a template with your data applied, it takes a few minutes to setup and costs you hundreds if not thousands of pounds for very little work, this being done normally by another company and just used by the person developing your site. The sites often looks just the same as many others very bland.

We create the website design for you from scratch. We use css, html, php and mysql which give's us the flexibility to create the website you require exactly the way you want it to work. The main problem with template developed websites is they are often unable to change them to work the way you require.